Mario Veraldo and his personal reinvention

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What does it take?

Reinvention Revolution is a platform where mindset, marketing and technology converge. These three dimensions represent the core of what we do. If you are someone who is a high achiever but does not know how to get to the next level? We can help  !!!

It all started when our founder, Mario Veraldo, spent over 25 years reinventing himself with only one objective, he wanted to be a Managing Director in the company he spent most of his life, Maersk - the largest shipping line in the world; having started as a water boy in Brazil, that was a very very tall order, but in the end he made it. After that, he did a hindsight on what were the skills, tools and behaviours and how he applied them to make it, that was the inception of the Reinvention Revolution. He created a method that works for every person that has the will to reinvent herself/himself and become the best version of themselves.

Our three core focuses are:

  • Mindset:

    • Having the right mindset to thrive in life, business or relationships.

  • Marketing:

    • Have the understanding of what people are looking for and succeed through that.

  • Technology:

    • Count with the right technological tool stack so you can create, improve or automate your ideas

Our Offering:

You Reinventing

Course that is integrated by 8 sessions, aimed for people who want to start a new business or enhance

the one they currently have.

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