Mario Veraldo and his personal reinvention

What does it take?

It all started in 1982, with a hyperactive kid who became a boy scout and started the journey of learning by doing. That is the core of the Reinvention Revolution. If you are someone who is a high achiever but does not know how to get to the next level? We can help  !!

Over 25 years, Mario Veraldo has constantly reinvented himself with one objective, he wanted to be a Managing Director in the company he spent most of his life, Maersk - the largest Shipping Line in the world. Having started as a water boy in Brazil that was a very very tall order. The main question: what does it take?

e decided he would have to do 2 things: to learn as much as he could about what could give him and the business an unfair advantage and also reinvent himself. He learned everything he could, from sales and marketing to business processes and technology. 

When he decided it was time to pursue a higher mission, he founded to help people navigate the age of uncertainty - where technology is displacing up to 375 Million people globally until 2025 !! His background and eagerness to learn are what provided the unfair advantage to get started. 

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