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Supporters and Mirrors

Having supporters is one of the most crucial yet gratifying and fun parts of any reinvention journey. Supporters keep us motivated and make the overall experience more fulfilling. Who does not love having a group of people rooting for our dreams, goals, and ultimately us? Who hasn't seen one of those videos where an athlete makes a final sprint in the race after hearing someone yell her name? Who hasn't called a loved one or friend saying, "I don't think I can" and feeling that you totally can after hanging up?

Supporters also play an essential role, mindset-wise. Telling people our dreams, desires, and goals is always an effective way to hold ourselves accountable. Goals tend to "feel" more real if we actually share them with other people. Supporters can also act as platforms, energy boosters, and can even become an inspiration to be disciplined and persevere. Who has heard someone saying the only reason they kept going was that they didn't want to disappoint a loved one or the people counting on them?

For many of us, that feeling of potential disappointing others is worse than feelings of tiredness, frustration, etc.,

Having supporters is crucial, but having mirrors is transcendental. These two terms are not excluding. What do we mean by having mirrors? Supporters that are mirrors are not only rooting for us, and feel happy for us, and with us, they also challenge us and are not afraid to call us off. Supporters that are mirrors see through us and accept our reflection. They understand and recognize our strengths and weaknesses, but do not let us get complacent or static. They push us in any instance where they think we can do better. And they do this with empathy and motivation. 

Having a mentor is the best example of having a supporter and a mirror. A mentor will celebrate your small and grand victories and will help you walk the road either by being a guiding light or a water station. A mentor will hold you accountable and push you to summon strength because she/he knows you have one more sprint left in you. A mentor can also help you regulate your pace, depending on the day, milestone, or moment in your reinvention journey. Having a mentor is having a relentless yet empathetic mirror, one that will challenge you the most but will also root for you the most. And ultimately will help you build a reflection you are proud of. 

We love to be connectors of like-minded individuals. Individuals who understand what it means to walk unconventional roads, who are creative and also daring. Who are experienced, ambitious, and crave to better themselves, their communities, and their industries. And who are eager to support and give honest feedback. We love building networks of supporters and mirrors. 

The best things in life are seldom an individual endeavor. We better ourselves by spending time with people who aspire to act, do, and be better. 

Reinvention Revolution is a place where you can come and sit in a virtual table filled with supporters and also supporters that become your mirrors.

Come sit with us...

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