• Mario Veraldo

Reflect on the Power Of Reflection !!

I’m sitting here all alone...fulfilling the guidance of one of the best coaches I ever had...We agreed many years ago I should take the time to reflect on how things were going, how I wanted them to be in the future, and what I was going to do to make them happen. Easier said than done...

A lot has been written and said about the importance of reflection. The topic is mostly watered down by the perception that people don’t do it. In Reinvention Revolution®️, we have a different theory.

We reckon that people reflect all the time about the things they want and how they WISH they had done something. It is the after-the-fact nature of most reflections that make them ineffective, not the lack of thought per se. The power of reflection is taking the best possible action to get the results you want.

When you spend the energy wondering about what-if scenarios without getting to the point of actually doing something to get better results, you are merely igniting the torch without generating any light. It feeds negativity. It grinds the success machine.

ACTION should be a byproduct of reflection. But how do we change that? How do we change the game?


But wait, which one?? WHATEVER works, AND you need to build a method that works for you!!

Why should I bother about building a method if there are so many out there?! Because you will only act when you have grasped the how-to interlace reflection and action.

As I was writing this piece I discussed with the team about one of the projects we are running, and I heard a very loud ”what works for us might not work for them.”

It is true. Sometimes the most straightforward tools do not get used because people are reticent about using someone else’s indications. It is human nature. It will make creating your own thing a priority for reinvention!!

But how do I build a method?! Simply put, it is bringing order into chaos. If we are not able to see where we are, where we want to be and devise a plan to get there, chaos will turn every movement into anxiety. That anxiety triggers a sensation of failure, which in turn gets converted into more anxiety.

Fulfillment is progress. You will only get a sense of accomplishment if everyday you get to next step and then progress. On and on. On and on.

Another very good coach had a method I liked. Every morning, he would write down 1,2,3 and then things that would move his needle. You don't need a form for that but you do need to get those things crossed off your list. The cool thing was that he was always done before 11 am and then could deploy his brilliance wherever he wanted and create the life he wanted for himself. Simple and effective. His own method!!

On our mentoring and coaching sessions in Reinvention Revolution®️ we like to help people use ”The Decision Book”. It does help everyone build the models that are the most adequate for the problems they are facing or to get them where they want.

When you create your own models, you are also empowered. You can see a step ahead of everyone else and have an advantage - you will have a skill others will not. I can assure you, the future will belong to those who are able to build their own models and design the life they want.

Make sure you create your own models and empower yourself!!

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