Who is going to be your guide to the Revolution?!

Have you ever wondered how much you spend consuming versus producing?!

A few weeks ago when I was looking into time management structures for a customer we started having a debate about where his time was going.

As we started theorizing he looked at me and said “you consume way too much information“...pause for a second...he was MY customer and he started coaching me !! After a well worth reflection I got the question that starts this post.

The simple conclusion to the dilema he brought upon me was I knew I was consuming and I knew I was producing yet I was not paying attention to the value of either one of them and moreover didn’t realize the purpose. So I went into a rabbit hole of figuring out what I wanted with the time I was spending on what.

Enter Remote Control...

We are subject to a crazy amount of emotions being impacted on a day to day basis and our natural inclination is to go for “relax from this crazy life out there“.

Escaping life is a way to relax and has been used over the centuries to help drive social pressure down - theater, professional sports, movies, TV...all of those are ways for us to relax and focus on something else for a while. Have you ever wondered why most sports, movies, shows range from 50 to 120 minutes ? That how much time one could retain their attention while relaxing and still enjoying that time. At first this was not the case but suddenly someone realizes what works and starts focusing on that. The rest copy and we have a standard for how things are done.

When that happens we have an industry around that relaxing product. The industry needs to market and sell...well they see what works and then we are all hooked !!!

Dont get me wrong, I make lists for the movies I watch, love listening to music and audio books and reading books but as I had this conversation about consumption I realized the key was to understand the purpose for that time spent and then see what I would be able to create as a result !!

The genius is on the creation, generating new ideas, formulating new ways, making people happier with what you are generating and if possible give them a much higher quality material to consume.

The power of internet has been unleashed and the more you understand what you would like to consume and why the more you can focus on giving back to world with you time as well !!

And remember there is not a single statue built for the largest consumer, ever....

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