Let this revolution be a message of hope !!

I spent my whole working life in the same company but it was far from being boring. I started as an office runner - watering plants and serving coffee - which in hindsight was a great way to start because you learn the one thing everyone should have, respect for your fellow revolutionaries.

I will dig deeper into the trajectory and my career at a later post but leaving now as CEO of the Mexico and Central America operation of the largest shipping company in the world was probably NOT what I should have done. But yet I did and to pursue dreams I thought I would have a later stage in my life - be a board member, participate in investment and startup business discussions and last but not least these lines you are reading....

A few years ago I was jumping up and down in a "I am not your Guru" type of event and little I knew that was going to be a pivotal point in my life. Looking back I have always be the one to push forward and drive change, all the time. And since the world is changing at an unimaginable pace, it is just right that I use these changing skills I have acquired during my life to help you !!

You who are afraid of change, you who doesn't understand how technology is going to change everything again and again, you who thinks I am crazy but hopefully will be ready to rock when the time comes for you to reinvent yourself.

"If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you've launched too late" (Reid Hoffman, Founder LinkedIn)

I am a little bit embarrassed and for the first it means that I am on time !!

Let the Revolution begin !!

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