Why do we need a Reinvention Revolution®️ ??

My fascination with technology started when I realized at an early age that we could do things faster using computers. We came a long way since the early 90s when the internet was emerging and when I got my first computer.

As everyone started adopting new ways of doing things and enhance their standard of living, society started changing...not the first time this happens, 250 year ago when the 1st Industrial Revolution started, similar seismic societal changes happened. In our life time, two great advancements may create a period of societal friction.

The first one is advancements in health and living standards. Most of the people born around year 2000 will be living to be a 100 years or more. This is great if people are able to enjoy life as they age !!

The second one is advancements in technology around AI and machine learning which will have a profound impact on the activities executed today - not only the more mundane but soon pretty sophisticated activities as well.

Now we have a conundrum, we maybe longer but without a meaningful activity that allows us to have a good standard of living...and that will not be a good thing !!

The need for us to reinvent ourselves will become a capability, something acquired and that can be deployed as we progress in the different stages of life - something that will allow Individual to pursue the dreams they have at any stage of life.

“Being ignorant is not so much a shame, as being unwilling to learn...Benjamin Franklin“

As with many changes that happen over a long period of time, this one is not about emergency action but rather consistent and deliberate small changes that will bring us into a healthy fulfilling longer life !!!

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