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Motivate yourself !! Now !!

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Have you ever done something you are genuinely passionate about for hours and hours and lost track of time? How does it feel? Some people will say you do not need motivation for those things, and they are right. 

When you do something you are passionate about, and you mastered the ability to execute on it, no limiting beliefs; you are just rocking !! In his autobiography, Slash summarizes it exceptionally well "Guitar replaced BMX as my main obsession literally overnight. It was unlike anything I'd ever done: it was a form of expression as satisfying and personal to me as art and drawing but on a much deeper level. Being able to create the sound that had spoken to me in music ever since I can remember was more empowering than anything I'd ever known". He still spends 5-6 hours per day playing the Guitar - it is his face, voice, and when he is doing that, he is unstoppable.

If you are not sure what makes you feel like Slash, the Guitar God, an excellent place to start is to start observing what gives you the most joy - "Guitar replaced BMX - what is the one productive thing you would be able to do over and over, mastering it and still be engaged? When you do that, how does that make you feel? THAT is your motivation.

Since you are not always able to play the Guitar (I do every day now - for pure personal joy and to remind myself of the effect it has on starting my day), you must have the time to execute whatever it is you are passionate about daily. If possible, make it public so that you and others recognize that version of you being motivated and engaged. 

Think of it as a muscle that you exercise, and the more you recognize motivation, the easier it is for you to remember how it feels, how it looks, and how it powers you !!

When that first part is done, it is the time to actually bring that motivation to life when negativity is building. Life is all about ups and downs, and you will never have a perfect score - one day you win, one day you lose. 

Having the reminder will ease your transition back to energetic feelings and being able to plow through the challenges arising from the days we are not winning. It allows you to refocus.

The last part of it is ACT NOW !! You will not get any prizes for looking at the different alternatives of what you can do, you get rewards for doing things. Write the book, play the song, read the poem, dance, and even prepare that PowerPoint that will change your life. 

In summary, create a reminder of what motivates you, keep it front of your mind every day (exercise), if you are feeling down use it to make sure you get back up and last ACT NOW !! on what you need to get done - the results will be motivating by themselves.

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