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Many of us grew up with a very powerful misconception--the notion of what was considered a "real job" and what was only acceptable as a hobby. Hey, in some households, the list of "real jobs" was as long as our parent's professions. In other homes, the list was curated to only include the "real jobs" considered high-paying ones.

This notion is not a new one or a surprising one. In many families, "real jobs" were expected, demanded. Hobbies, on the contrary, were encouraged and celebrated but not really required. How many of us were asked, what did we want to be when we grew up? How many of us were corrected or asked follow-up questions whenever our answer did not include one of the "real jobs"?

Trying to make a living or profit through our hobbies was unthinkable, irresponsible, hell, even crazy. No matter how good we were at those called hobbies our how strongly we felt about them. If it wasn't in the pre-approved list, it was a poor career choice.

Times have changed. Yes, they have definitely changed. We mean this in the literal cliché sense. But what we also say is that realities have changed. Our current reality is different, technology has made it different. The reach and connectivity that today's platforms allow are mind-blowing. Social media is allowing for small and medium businesses and entrepreneurs to have a sit in the table. No matter where you at, if your client is online, you can reach her or him in one click, regardless of yours or their physical location. And there are still many seats left in many tables, waiting for you to claim them. The barriers for you to start a new business have never been smaller. Case in point, you have can have a 7-year old start a small art shop online….and promote that….you want to know more, please send comment below….we will tell you !!

In the past 20 years, the "real-job" list transformed, merged, and evolved. Even the notion of the list is outdated, today, our reality is not a list, it is a universe of opportunities. There is no distinction between a job and a hobby anymore. A job can be a hobby, a hobby can be a job. This lack of distinction is possible due to an even more powerful notion--one that individuals, groups, and entire societies have started to embrace--PASSION.

Safe to say, many of us did not grow up hearing the word passion. Maybe for some of us, it is as new as COVID19. Passion is a feeling of intense enthusiasm towards or compelling desire for someone or something. One of our favorite definitions reads: "strong and barely controllable emotion." Passion is the multi-lane bridge that connects who we are and what truly makes us happy with the legacy we want to leave behind. And because of this reality--the one we live in--the one that allows connectivity and interactions beyond our wildest dreams, we can monetize our passions.

Maybe your passion is cooking or baking, maybe your passion is writing. Perhaps your passion is related to helping people and making your community better. And granted, there are a lot of restaurants and bakeries, novels, books and organizations already. Yes, most things have already been done. But as Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Big Magic wisely writes: "Most things have been done, but they have not yet been done by you."

Your passion is yours. It is unique and one of a kind because it is yours. The journey towards believing that your passion could be monetized could seem hazy, yes, but as the saying goes: "It is not what you know, but who you know, that knows what you don't know." It is not a riddle, even if it seems like one. It is a straight fact and one of the best perks of this reality--our reality. Today, people are opening up to share their knowledge and experiences. Reinvention Revolution is here to be your ally. Your ally, not only in believing you can monetize your passion but also your ally in designing and executing the best possible plan to make your passion come into life in the form of a business, your business. One that makes you happy today and builds upon your future legacy.

So why just sit there and wait for your future to happen? Connect with Reinvention Revolution and let us help you get your passions into something you will be proud of !!

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