A robot is doing your job !! And it will not be long before he is better at it than you !!

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a crucial component of digital transformation initiatives everywhere and is a vital requirement of the information society.

Reinvention Revolution started as a project to help PEOPLE reinvent themselves. As we progressed for the last months and got people to work on their personal reinventions, we started seeing a pattern - entrepreneurs at heart who did not know how to get started.

As we progressed, we identified that the number one reason was not lacking knowledge but the fear the weight of some of the aspects of starting and running a business had on people. ACTING on your desire to become great at something you love is NOT a simple thing. That is how we got into RPA.

We are tailoring solutions for the customers we have and needed to understand how we can make them focused on the passions they have. Mundane activities should be automated to the full extent - which is also a significant realization for ourselves (have your own medicine please).

By looking at the tools, we found out that many of the things you would need any company to do - even the largest ones on the planet - can and should be automated.

But then, how do we make it work? That is where we started going into the RPA rabbit hole.

For large companies, RPA means dwelling with large amounts of data and legacy systems. The projects alone are monstrous and will take years to debate and decide until a "solution" for the problems identified are found. The benefits are incredibly scalable and for the most part, are what most companies will be doing to generate the productivity gains they need to fight the diminishing margins they are experiencing.

Now for the small and medium business, it is a totally different story. We are finding out that even what used to be considered intellectual work can now be automated by simple tools that will integrate different platforms executing tasks in an integrated way. How many of you have heard about Zapier? How many have listened to about process .st ? Well, your personal information is flowing on those integration and process platforms as you are reading this.

So, when it comes to Reinvention, RPA will mean a significant risk as well as considerable opportunity. How? If you work on a large company, your job is right now being disrupted by automation in ways we could not think 5 years ago.

I used to work in sales so my favorite automation tool is GONG. They make the process of coaching sales executives more effective. It is effortless, they analyze the sales calls, documents associated, and then define who are the best performing sales converters. So everyone who is not following that process needs to adapt. And then the sales manager job is also getting disrupted - after all the coaching of sales executives used to be one of the most critical aspects. Ah, and GONG is about algorithms - they are the ones analyzing the sales calls... But if you think this is scary, think again !!

The same tools that are causing havoc in the big corporations can be used to help SMBs get productivity improvements that were not possible 5 years ago. By accommodating a continuum of platforms in an ordered way, a person can run sales, marketing, operations, content, finance, and be operating around the world, selling services, and/or products. Never the phrase, "the world is your playground," sounded more possible !!

As with every technological transformation, we have risks and opportunities. The key to SUCCESS is to ensure that you are capable of learning how to learn faster, make sure that you understand what is your passion so you can focus on that using the technology as a backdrop for growing your business, not something to be scared of.

Make Reinvention your Unfair Advantage !!

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